Custom Pricing For Your Business

We know that every business we work with is unique, so it only makes sense for our pricing to reflect that. That’s why we’ve created a financing program that is customizable to exactly fit your needs. We specialize in meeting the needs of ‘the little guy’ and will purchase invoices of any size (e.g. as low as $50 up to $250,000 per month). Our factoring rates start as low as 0.8%.

Most companies will charge you one rate for the first thirty days. However, if your client pays your invoice sooner than that, you still pay for the entire thirty day period. We don’t do that. We divide our rate into 7 or 10 day increments so you only pay for what you need and won’t be penalized when your customers pay early.

If you would like to discuss your business needs and how Stonebridge Financial Services, Inc. can help your business call us at (615) 661-8245.

Factoring with Stonebridge is fast, easy, and affordable. Here’s what you can expect when you’re factoring receivables with us:

No Setup Fees
  • NO Application Fee
  • NO Due Diligence Fee
  • NO UCC / Filing Fees
  • NO Min. Monthly Invoice Volume
  • NO Termination Fees
  • NO Administrative Fees
  • NO Charge for Same Day Funding
  • NO Min. Factor Fees Over Account Life
  • NO Inactivity Fees