About Us

Stonebridge Financial Services, Inc. is a family owned business that began in 2006. We strive to eliminate the cash-flow problems that growing companies often encounter. For over 14 years, we’ve provided peace of mind to our clients so they can focus on building their business – not worrying when the next check will come in.

When your working capital is tied up in accounts receivable, it can be extremely difficult to meet payroll, purchase inventory, and take on new clients. It can even threaten your solvency.

So what do you do when the banks can’t help you get the capital you need?

Whether you are in the start-up stage or need cash to develop an idea or product, Stonebridge can provide you with a timely, cost-effective solution. With our Receivables Funding Program, we will convert your invoices into cash for immediate use.

Meet The Team

Tony Neglia


Tony graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986 with a B.A. in Mathematics. He worked as an actuary for many years travelling extensively overseas. Tony settled in Brentwood, TN in 2004 with his wife Helen and two children. He started Stonebridge in 2006 and is active in the International Factoring Association (most recently as a member of the board of directors).

Fred James

Senior Consultant

Fred worked in commercial banking for 30 years in corporate lending positions. During this time he managed the Asset Based Lending and Leasing Department. He was also involved in other credit product and credit quality functions.

Helen Neglia

Underwriter and Account Manager

Helen graduated from Ursinus College in 1989 with a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration. She also worked as an actuary during her career. She focuses on underwriting new accounts and administering existing business.

Fran Neglia


Fran worked in the banking industry the majority of her career and currently processes the daily receipts and initiates wire and ACH transactions.

Kate Myers

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Kate is a recent graduate from Belmont University. She helps to create content and coordinate digital strategy aimed at securing new business.

Belle Barnes

Account manager

Belle is a recent graduate from UT Knoxville’s accounting program. She processes receipts and schedules on a daily basis and oversees account management.

Lindy Howse

Account Manager

Lindy has a background in A/P and working in Dental offices.  She has worked with Stonebridge since 2019 and is primarily focused on processing receipts and schedules on a daily basis and assists in overall account management.  She is married with three kids, who are all very active in sports. Lindy and her family are also very involved in church and anything “kid”related.