Same Day Business Financing

Monthly lines from $250 to $250,000

Do your customers take 15, 30 or 60+ days to pay?

We can help cut your wait down to as little as 2 hours.

It costs nothing to apply and see if you qualify

We absorb all costs of underwriting

Some firms require you to factor a minimum of $25K or $50K per month. We don’t!

Our contracts do not lock you in for one year or even one month - factor as long as you would like.

You can cancel the contract at any time without penalty

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We Help Our Clients Accelerate Cash Flow


“We can count on Stonebridge Financial Services for accessibility when needed. Their site is easy to navigate and utilize. Our business has appreciated their outstanding level of customer service and would highly recommend them.”

Home Physical Therapy Company

“Working with Tony at Stonebridge Financial has been an absolute dream! From the very beginning, Tony has made sure that my factoring process from start to finish, goes effortlessly. Tony was able to help my business out financially when no one else could. Now, my business is growing and thriving! Thank you Tony!”

Staffing Company

“At the inception of our business relationship, we did not know each other or the extent of our financial dealings. As we proceeded through the factoring process I became very comfortable and realized that you are a person of extreme integrity and be counted on to resolve various problems that may arise.”

Industrial Distributor

“Stonebridge Financial has been instrumental in assisting our company grow at the pace the banks would not allow. At the beginning Stonebridge Financial assisted in getting over cash flow issues, to our current relationship of funding large invoices to keep the material flowing. Tony Neglia is a solid business partner that will not only work with but also for you.”

Industrial Distributor

“I have been fortunate to have been advised to check into Stonebridge financial services for their factoring help. They have provided help for my business in the most professional and prompt way. Tony Neglia has been very easy to work with, and on many occasions gone above and beyond to meet my needs.”

Security Company

“We were no doubt one, if not his smallest client, but not once did we ever feel that way. Every time we visited either by e-mail or phone Tony & company made us feel like we were the most important client he had. Any challenges we confronted they were always right there to walk us through it!”

Advertising Company

“Tony has been Fantastic to work with!. He explains everything in great details so there are no surprises. Stone bridge has been the main reason why we are growing and has been able to continue to operate. If he did not factor our company we would not have been able to bring in a Gross Revenue of over $100k in just 2 months. I would recommend any new or existing businesses to work with Stonebridge Financial Services if they need factoring!”

Staffing Company

“Friendly, knowledgable and a pleasure to work with and whose support contributes to our success.”

Welding Company

We started our company last summer and Stonebridge Financial was a huge part in getting our business cash flow going and keeping us ahead consistently and fast. Without their help we wouldn’t have been able to grow as fast as we have. Starting a business is tough and Tony and his team were impeccable with their constant efforts and communication. They made it very simple for our customers. The process is so smooth and simple. We highly recommend using Stonebridge Financial Services. Thank you Tony and team so much for giving us the opportunity to grow our business without having to worry about cash flow issues.

Erin and Mike
Produce Company

“I worked with Tony Neglia and his team from Stonebrigde Financial Services during a three years contract with one of my clients.  Because the client was slow to process and pay my invoices, I engaged Tony for his services of invoice factoring. I am very pleased with the care and flexibility in which all transactions were conducted. Without these services, my small business would have struggled. Thank you Tony! Your a business saver!”

Biomedical Company


How We Got Here

September 4, 2017

When we started Stonebridge Financial Services, our aim was to cater to the underserved commercial market. Specifically, we sought to assist small to medium size businesses that were facing cash flow challenges. After we attained experience helping these types [...] [read more]