How We Got Here

When we started Stonebridge Financial Services, our aim was to cater to the underserved commercial market. Specifically, we sought to assist small to medium size businesses that were facing cash flow challenges. After we attained experience helping these types of firms, we would reach out to larger businesses.

While we knew that our starting point was a relatively good sized underserved market, we truly had no idea how significant that market would become. It appears more challenging than ever to get a bank loan these days unless you’ve been in business three to five years and you can also show a track record of at least two to three years of consecutive profits. Merchant cash advance and fin tech companies are somewhat more forgiving than banks, but these types of businesses also require a significant cash flow track record before they will lend to you. It seems counterintuitive that you would need a cash flow track record before anyone will help you with your cash flow.

Stonebridge is more appropriately suited to lending a hand to this underserved market because we do not rely solely on our client’s creditworthiness nor a long track record. Instead, we depend on the creditworthiness of our client’s customers. Further, as our clients’ businesses expand and are able to take on more customers, Stonebridge has the ability to grow with them by increasing their credit lines. Our flexibility allows us to more easily address the inevitable cash flow crunch of growing businesses.
It has been very rewarding to watch many of our clients who began as tiny startups with only one or two invoices per month grow to multi-million dollar companies with a little help from our factoring services.

Due to the size of the underserved market, we have never seen the need to concentrate on larger businesses. Our focus remains on startup companies, small and medium sized businesses invoicing between $250 all the way up to $250,000+ per month. Let us see what we can do for you.